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Welcome to the da Vinci Research Kit wiki community


This wiki is home to users of the Research Kit for the da Vinci Surgical System. The Research Kit is a collection of first-generation da Vinci components that can be used to assemble a research platform for exploring telerobotics in medicine. The Kit contains the following components:

  • Two da Vinci Master Tool Manipulators (MTMs)
  • Two da Vinci Patient Side Manipulators (PSMs)
  • A stereo viewer
  • A foot pedal tray
  • Manipulator Interface Boards (dMIBs)
  • Basic accessory kit

See the system in action on YouTube (credit: the JHU team).

Stereo Viewer
Foot Pedal Tray

The User Group

University/Group: PI PI Email PI URL Group Wiki Page
The Johns Hopkins University Professor Russell Taylor [1] [2] [3] JHU Group Page
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Professor Greg Fischer gfischer-at-WPI.EDU [4] WPI Group Page
Stanford University Professor Allison Okamura [5] Stanford Group Page
The University of British Columbia Professor Tim Salcudean [6] UBC Group Page
Vanderbilt University Professor Nabil Simaan [7] Vanderbilt Group Page
University of California, Berkeley Professor Pieter Abbeel [8] Berkeley Group Page
University of California, Berkeley Professor Ken Goldberg [9] Berkeley Group Page
Carnegie Mellon University Professor Howie Choset [10] CMU Group Page
Sick Kids Children's Hospital Professor James Drake [11] Sick Kids Group Page
SUNY, Buffalo Professor Venkat Krovi [12] SUNY Group Page
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Professor Arianna Menciassi [13] SSSA Group Page
University of Western Ontario & CSTAR Professor Rajni Patel [14] CSTAR Group Page
Seoul National University Professor Sungwan Kim [15] Seoul National University
Obúda University Adjunct Professor Tamás Haidegger [16] Obúda University
Wayne State University Professor Abhilash Pandya [17] Wayne State University
University of Verona Professor Paolo Fiorini [18] University of Verona
Imperial College Professor Guang-Zhong Yang [19] Imperial College
University College London Professor Danail Stoyanov [20] University College London
Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical, Children's National Health System Professor Kevin Cleary [21] Children's National Health System
Case Western Reserve University Professor M. Cenk Cavusoglu [22] Case Western Reserve University
University of Naples Federico II Professor Bruno Siciliano [23] University of Naples Federico II
Ben Gurion University of the Negev Professor Ilana Nisky [24] Ben Gurion University of the Negev
University of California San Diego Assitant Professor Michael Yip [25] University of California San Diego
Politecnico di Milano Professor Elena De Momi [26] Politecnico di Milano
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Professor Philip WY Chiu [27] The Chinese University of Hong Kong
University of Leeds Professor Pietro Valdastri [28] University of Leeds
University of Texas, Dallas Professor Ann Majewicz Fey" [29] University of Texas, Dallas

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